If you have issues with your order, please send an email to ttorders@schoolkidz.com and they will assist you further with your order.

Please take note that if you do not see the order notification email in your main inbox, please check your Junk / Spam folders. 


Is this site secure?
Yes. Our website conforms to online store standards and uses an encrypted SSL Certificate. Your personal information will not be shared with any other party and is used for the sole purpose of ensuring your security as well as ours.

Where and when does my kit get delivered?
Your kit(s) will be built and shipped with the rest of the school order unless stated otherwise on your order form. The kits will be delivered prior to your pick-up date. Refer to your order form for your specific pick-up date, or contact your school for the pickup date.

Will I be contacted directly when my kit ships to the school?
No, you will not be contacted. You can refer to your order form provided from your school for pick-up date information. All orders placed before the deadline will be built and shipped with the rest of the school in time for your scheduled pick-up date.

My ship to address shows the school’s information. Can I change it?
During checkout you may notice that in the "Shipping" section, the address is grayed out or read only. This is to show you that your child's kit will be shipped to the school. You can then pick up your child's kit during your schools Kit Pick Up Date/Event which is listed on the order form. Due to our agreement with your school, you are unable to change this address during checkout.

Will I be contacted directly when my kit ships to my home?
You will receive an email up to two weeks prior to the kits being ready to ship. Once the kit(s) ship, you will receive and email with tracking information.

Do I receive confirmation once my order is placed?
Yes. You will receive a confirmation email with complete details of your purchase.
Order confirmations are often sent to spam/junk folders.  Check there before requesting a new order confirmation.

If I don’t receive confirmation, who do I contact?
If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours, please go to the Order Info link  and enter the email address you used when you checked out with to receive your confirmation again or please fill out a support ticket from the home page.

Is this the same kit I will be receiving if I order through the school?
Yes. All online purchases (and paper order form purchases) will be exactly the same.

What is the difference between ordering online versus ordering through the school using the order form?
There is no difference other than convenience. You will receive the same kit as you would if you ordered by the paper order form. But unlike the paper form which requires payment by check, online ordering allows you to pay by credit card. No additional charges or discounts apply to online purchases. (Note: Alabama, Illinois, and New York Residents will be charged sales tax as required by law.)

Can I use a debit card?
You may use debit cards provided that they are allowed to function as credit cards. (Most banks do allow this.) 

I am having problems adding/removing items to/from my cart, what do I do?
You may be having a problem with the cookies on your computer. The best solution would be to clear your browsers Cache and Cookies. Please refer to following document on how to do this:
Clearing Your Browsers Cache and Cookies

Who do I contact with questions?
Please fill out a support ticket from the home page left navigation and a customer service agent will respond to you within 2 business days. Please also provide as much information as possible so we can assist you properly. 

Can I order a Kit after the deadline?

Unfortunately, you cannot order the exact kit and have it delivered to the school. However, you can utilize our Build A Kit website and create your own very similar to the one offered through your school and have it delivered directly to your home. 

Does the kit include a backpack? 
No, the kit ONLY includes the items that are on the order form if listed or the ordering website. 

Are the school supplies include in the bundle deal? 
The bundle deal is ordered separate from the supply kit and only includes the backpack, water bottle lunch bag and food jar.